Should You Become A Stripper?

If you have never danced before, the questions you have are infinite, and so is the advice I have to give.  Deciding to become a stripper is a very big decision and one that will affect the rest of your life; ie: please don’t take this decision lightly!  I know what you really want me to address is what to wear, how to give lapdances, what to do on stage, how to talk to customers, other dancers, and club management, and I promise I will in future posts, but this being the first time I address new dancers, I really want to focus on the big picture.  It’s definitely the most important part.

You need to take an honest assessment of yourself if you are just starting out dancing.  Even if you’ve been working for a couple weeks, months, or years, this is a good thing to go back and do.  Given the fact that negativity is contagious, and you are a good person, it is the right thing to do to handle your business appropriately and not spread around toxicity, especially if you are dead set on your own demise (you know who tf you are!)  The maturity to determine if this is really what you need to be doing right now is the first thing to focus on.  You need to be honest with yourself, for your own well-being and the well-being of others.  I ask you to always bring that self awareness with you when you come here.

The very most important thing you need to survive as a dancer and to generally be a happy person is integrity.  Do you feel like you really know who you are? When you say or think something, does it come from a place of sincerity?  Do you consider the facts before you make a decision? Do you feel like you have a solid, firm, stable, and mature grip on reality?  It’s totally ok if you aren’t there yet, but recognizing where you are on a maturity scale is important, or stripper or not, getting clarity is a necessity.  People who go their whole lives without ever committing to a life that they deem worthwhile usually end up unfulfilled, but when you put a shaky character into a strip club, much worse things are imminent than just lack of fulfillment.  Then those things are the only things the public sees and then our entire industry is judged by the actions of a couple reckless fly by nighters.  If you are going to dance, please do so as a liberated, free, and independent woman (or man, or trans person) and commit yourself to achieving all of your goals.

How do you really feel about yourself?  Do you feel beautiful?  Would your heart be broken if a customer told you that you were fat or a girl made fun of your c-section scar?  This might happen.  Even if you think you are perfect, people will find something to pick at.  If you are hard on yourself to the point where it can become dangerous for you, proceed with caution. The strip club takes everything that is wrong with how society views women and amplifies it times a million, and as someone who is already suffering as a result of a sick culture, the last thing you need is more negative body image shit.  You need to feel really comfortable, and realize that when people say awful things about you, it has nothing to do with what’s wrong with you, and everything to do with what’s wrong with them.  Inner strength is really key.

If you are touchy when people say things you don’t like and often find yourself in confrontation with the people you are involved with, you will probably have quite a few problems at the club.  It really is best to be a level headed person.  You have way more strength if you solve problems with logic than if you solve them with anger or rage or violence.  If you are prone to fighting, work on your frustration tolerance.  Start meditating, make a goal of defeating the thing inside you that you are really angry about and live your life free of that prison, but don't bring it here; you can get yourself into messes you can't escape in the strip club.   

The qualities above and a generally positive attitude are going to be the most valuable weapons you can wield against the taxing environment you’ll be working in, and actually will be pretty useful tools for surviving life in general.  Remember that just because you are reading this and will take these things into consideration, not every dancer (or person) does.  You will encounter a lot of difficult people in this industry and knowing how to handle them is important.  Do not measure yourself against other girls, and do not bend your morals for anyone, whether it’s in the name of agreement or disagreement.  You know it’s a bad idea to do a bunch of coke or take pills, you know when you have drank too much, and you also know nobody listens when you are irrational, so keep your head on straight and be able to handle confrontation with grace and conduct business with the end goal in mind.  We all get wasted sometimes, but it's Russian Roulette every single time.  It could always be you, watch your drink, and know how many you've had.  

And if you're not ready, don't sweat it.  Not having all of the qualities you need to be a safe and successful dancer right now doesn’t mean that you can NEVER be a dancer.  You are an ever evolving being, and if this is what you want it will be available to you for many years; trust me I know top earners who started in their thirties.  Stripping is a fun and exciting job, and it will have lots to offer you for many years if you allow it to, but it certainly has it's pit falls and enduring them means mental and emotional preparedness.  If you jump into this before you are ready the years will pass like you were never even here.  You will squander every dollar you make and you will destroy your body for nothing.  It isn't worth it.  The industry isn't going anywhere.  We will be here when you are ready for it, start slow and stay sober.  <3 

Chase Kelly