When There is No Money at Your Club

I got a request today for a blog post on what to do if there just isn’t any money at your club. I think it’s a really awesome topic that I most certainly have struggled with myself.  It feels really good to be able to share my experiences with you and help you cope a little better.  During the summer most clubs die down a lot, and by mid-July it’s almost unbearable in some places.  There are a couple of different ways to go about tackling this problem, although not all of them are applicable to everyone.  Let’s outline some of your options, discuss each one briefly, and then go into each a little more in depth in follow up posts throughout the next couple of days.  Each one has so much merit that I would be doing you a great injustice by trying to squeeze in all the information you need to really begin to master each.  In my experience, these methods will not only increase your profits for the time being, but each has a special element to it that will aide you in your own personal (non stripper) journey.


2. Evolve

3. Promote

4. Supplement

5. Come to terms

Traveling Dancers are more abundant now than ever.  I remember the first time a dancer told me she was going to dance cross country, and I was thrilled for her.  If you have ever wanted to travel, summer is the best time for it!  Sometimes you just about break even, but there are definitely some things you can do to cut your cost.  Clearly, traveling to dance is not an option for everyone, as many of us have children or day jobs, but if your club really sucks, I suggest traveling to dance as much as possible until you find a place that you like better, at which point I urge you to relocate.  More on that later!

Evolving as a dancer is one of the most exciting things this job can offer you.  When you decide to graduate from being a run of the mill stripper to a business woman, all sorts of new worlds will open up for you.  Learning basic sales tactics, cutting back on your drinking, being a better conversationalist, and understanding what men want and looking and acting the part are integral to your continued success in the business.  I urge you to read anything you can on how to get people to say “yes” and how to close sales.  Google and Amazon are going to be your best friends here, and they’re going to have to do until I write my book and give you all my secrets.

Promoting your business is something that all successful people do.  I am pretty sure that somewhere between shame and ignorance lies the reason why dancers do not follow suit.  Trust me when I say that building yourself a following while maintaining your privacy is absolutely possible!  If there are only 10 guys in your club all night, but 2 of them come specifically to see you, you may be well on your way to a $1,000 night, while everyone else settles for $50.

Supplement your income with other things.  Whether you start an etsy and sell things you make, become a phone sex operator (surprisingly lucrative), start camming (do your research first), get a day job, procure yourself a regular, or get paid to take quizzes online is irrelevant.  If you’re not making money dancing, start looking for something else.  There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to put yourself through the mental anguish of stripping if it does not pay off monetarily.  You are literally just stroking your inner dysfunction, and that’s something we want to fix, not encourage.

Come to terms with the fact that there just isn’t any money.  Accepting the truth gives you power.  If you are consistently a top earner at every club you work at and just can’t seem to get it going where you’re at, then you just need to be honest with yourself and either switch clubs (if that’s an option) or change the truth.  If you aren’t making a lot of money right now dancing, consider that maybe the universe is urging you to do something else or to come up with a creative solution to the problem.  Whatever you do, don’t ever bend or break your personal rules or cross your personal boundaries in the name of money.  Instead, use your brain to tinker with reality.  In the midst of tragedy is when your best work will come out.

*please watch yourself this summer.  When we’re bored at work is typically when we numb ourselves with drugs and alcohol.  It would break my heart to see you develop a chemical dependency just because things are slow.  It’s really important to realize that long after you are ready to quit dancing, your cravings to get fucked up will continue.  They will impact everyone in your life, especially your children.  Please stay sober or choose pot.