URGENT: Stripper Field Work

In January of this year, nine Bourbon Street strip clubs were raided and/or closed,  by a collaboration between New Orleans Police Department,  Louisiana State Police, and The Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control,  (the ATC, who suspended the clubs' liquor permits).  It has been brought to our attention that there is one law firm who has been sweeping the country intimidating and policing strip club dancers, staff, and patrons and many of you have reached out to tell your stories.  These experiences are crucial and pivotal to making a case against those who are trying to strip us of our ability to make a living.  This is not a local fight, this is a nationwide effort to defend our constitutional rights to express ourselves and make a living!

We (SURVIVE THE CLUB and BARE) are gathering statements from nightlife workers on how their clubs have changed because of policies like these. This information is used to show the impact of these policies on our lives and work.  We are organizing, and when we are done here we will come and share our data with you all, so you can defend your jobs in your cities, too.  It's just 20 questions and it can change the world.  Please don't bookmark this and forget about it!  We are on tight deadline.  

2o Questions to Save our Clubs




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